Fitness & Friendship for the over 55s

Our Story

I have been delivering dance fitness sessions for the active older adult since 2012, after leaving an extensive career in education, formally I was as a lecturer in Contemporary Dance and then a High School Dance Teacher. While reflecting on the next stage of my career I was introduced to the wonderful world of Zumba Fitness and began to deliver sessions across Manchester. After a while I noticed some of the older participants had stopped attending the sessions. When I caught up with some of them they told me that the high-impact session was affecting their joints. So I decided to train in adapting excercise for the Older Adult and started teaching Zuma Gold Sessions. 

As the class attendance began to grow, I noticed there was a nice buzz of friendly chatter before and after the session, people began offering each other lifts and asking after those they have not seen for a while. I soon realised the sessions were more than a fitness class. A community of friends was forming around the fitness sessions and that is how Fiona's Fitness and Friends began. 

Dance Stretch Run

  • Our Dance Fitness Session is a low-impact cardio session. Dance and get fit to lively world music such as Socca, Salsa, Bollywood and Afro Beats. Improve your balance, coordination, stamina, flexibility, strength and be prepared to laugh a lot.
  • Our Supple Strength Classes helps participants to engage their mind and muscles by exploring exercises that focuses on posture, core stability and body alignment. It is a blend of yoga, pliates and body conditioning for a gentle yet challenging holistic workout
  • Our Walk/Run sessions will be starting in April 2020. This is a Runtogether group insured by England Athletics. These sessions are ideal for the beginner. It's fine to walk a bit, jog a bit and run a bit. Come and join us for a safe, and enjoyable running experience.

Social Activities

True friendships can develop when we sociaise outside of the fitness sessions. As a group we can plan and arrange monthly or bi-monthly opportunities to socialise as a together. We can plan guided walk, trips to the Theatre and Cinema, meals out, or invite a guest speaker to discuss a topic of interest. It will be lovely to hear your views and feedback after the events. There is no pressure to attend events but it would great to have you all get involved.


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